Monday, 23 January 2012

A Revolutionary Menu

We visited France in 1989. This was of course the anniversary of the French Revolution, and there was much cashing-in. Wine-bottles were decorated with pictures of the storming of the Bastille. The nicest touch I saw was in an optician’s, where the window was decorated with cardboard cutouts of the revolutionary leaders wearing the shop’s spectacles. Saint-Just was given a fetching pair of shades, which I thought was an appropriate touch.

In the little Mediterranean seaside resort of Canet, one restaurant boasted a “Revolutionary Menu” which was worth noting:-

Assiete Marseillaise
Les Delices de Danton
Saumon a la Talleyrand
Terraine des Jacobins
Sole Marie Antoinette
Lotte Marquis de la Fayette
Tournedos Rouget de l’Isle
Magret Joseph Cassagnes
Legumes de la Guillotine
Coup 14 Juillet
Les Boulets de Valmy
Le Gateau de la Convention.

The price was, with a certain inevitability, 178.9 francs.

We thought this was rather expensive, so we didn’t try it.

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