Saturday, 4 February 2017


TRUMPERY: Showy and worthless stuff, rubbish, ritual fooling. (French: Tromper; to deceive)
       (Chambers' Dictionary definition)

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  1. I have just finished reading "Politics/Philosophy: Ethical Dilemmas" and it reminded me of a story I have heard about Churchill and the bombing of Coventry during WWII. I have no idea if it is true that no warning was given to protect the existence of Ultra, but the dilemma is still a good one. Do you sacrifice a number of people in order to save a larger number? Do you know for certain that a larger number will be saved? Are you certain the secret you're trying to protect not be revealed some other way?
    All I know is that I'm thankful I've never been put in a position remotely comparable.
    Through things I did years ago I did hear stories of the "Coventry Bombing", but that is what they were, stories.