Saturday, 5 June 2010

What would different professions reply to the question, "What is 2+2?"

The Estate Agent:- “Ripe for conversion to 5”

The Dealer:- “Buying or selling?”

The Trainee Accountant:- “Do we have a ruling on this?”

The Senior Accountant (to wealthy client):- “What would you like it to make, sir?”

The old-style Civil Engineer (glancing at slide rule):- “It’s somewhere between 3.9 and 4.1”

The Economist:- “In real terms, of course, it’s about minus 1.8”

The Social Worker:- “I don’t think we should be judgemental about this”

The Barrister:- “Do you seriously expect the court to believe that it’s only 4? I put it to you that it’s significantly greater than that!”

The Historian:- “I’m afraid it’s not really my period”


The Politician:- “I think we should begin by reminding ourselves of the position when the present government came into office”

The Market Trader:- “Look, I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you, lady”

The Philosopher:- "Well, it all depends what you mean by +"

The Thriller-writer:- "A warning bell was triggered in Bond's mind by this seemingly innocuous question. What exactly was going on here?"

The Hoodie:- "I don't ****ing well care what it ****ing makes! **** off!"

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