Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Thought for the day: The role of the press

I found this quotation in the autobiography of Matthew Parris; "Times" columnist, gay rights campaigner and former Conservative M.P.; concerning the behaviour of the press in political battles :-

"All the newspaper editors ever do is  wait until the battle is over, then come down from the hills and bayonet the wounded"

I think this is well illustrated in the conduct of the press after last year's referendum and the recent general election - although the bayoneting of Jeremy Corbyn proved to be premature.

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  1. Read the Assyria post. Very serious people. Kept people scared with just their rulers names, Sennacherib, Tiglathpilasser, and of course Sargon. I mean not only spelling but pronunciation would have been a tuffy, especially if you didn't get it right you were flayed alive. Just a little pressure.